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This years tour was amazing to say the least. We had a wonderful group as always! Every year, the Lord put's together the exact group of people he desires to go with us. It is always miraculous, always inspiring, always a growing time for all.

We began our tour on June 7th, and we did not stop until we sat down in the plane on our trip home. This is not a trip for the faint of heart. There is a lot to see, and because we include time for minstry to the people of Israel, it is power packed.

This year the Lord did exactly what He always does, He surprised us almost daily. He went before us, and prepared the way for us. Protecting, and guiding us through some unusual situations. Mostly bumps in the road, but He made himself known more thant once. Though Satan tries to waylay our plans, The Lord always triumphs, and this year was no different.

We visited all the Holy sites, which are always exciting. One of the greatest pleasures for Frank and I, is to experience Israel for the first time over and over through the eyes of the people we host. They are in awe from the minute they step off the plane.

To walk the Via DeLorosa, and pray at the Whaling Wall, then to walk through the Garden of Gathsemane where some of the trees there date back at least a couple thousand years. (Olive trees don't die, they spit open and new trees shoot up from the center of the root.) The City of David has recently had new excavations, that is a highlight for everyone. The Pool of Shaloam was discovered only a few years ago, when they had a sewage problem, now we can see where Jesus probably bathed along with all those who would soon after begin there journey up the steps to the Temple Mount. Jericho, the Dead Sea, Masada, the Sea of Galiee,Capurnam and all the incredible places where Jesus ministered, is only a part of the Israel experience. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS TRIP OF A LIFETIME. We have actially had several people from this years tour, tell us they will go with us again next year. What a blessing to Frank and I to know that people are being blessed when they go with us.

I hope some of you will desire to visit Israel with us. We do our best to give you the very best tour you will ever experiece, and at the very best price possible, without sacrificing quality!

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You can contact us through this website, or Facebook messaging.

Pray about joining us this coming June, 2015, and God Bless You!!

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