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Small but Sweet and Power Packed

Posted by on December 29, 2013 at 3:05 PM

Our 2013 trip to Israel was quite unique from all the others. During the course of the year, it looked like we would have around 15-20 people join us. However, as the year progressed, people were dropping like flies. we began to question the Lord as to whether we should do a tour at all in 2013. We had no confirmation from the Lord that we should cancel it, so we proceeded, and told the Lord we would take however many He brought to us.

It turned out being quite small, we were 6 total, including Frank and me. But the Lord began to work immedeately to let us know He was with us.

We had so much more time for personal ministry to one another, and to develope relationship. We watched as God spoke so plainly to each of the 4 precious people He had placed in our care. It was a blessing to all. We would not have changed a thing about the tour.

The Lord also connected Frank and me with another ministry that will be quite inportant to us in the future. We would not have had the ability to cultivate that relationship, if our tour had been the usual size.

We will never again question whether we are suppose to do a tour based on numbers again. Although there may be other reasons why the tour might cancel.

I hope you will consider joining us this year. God is a big God and His plans for you are so much bigger than you can imagine. Pray about it and see what happens. If He wants you to go, He will let you know.

God Bless You All !

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