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Visions of Jesus

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Good Morning Dear Friends,

We are busy preparing our new Tour to Israel 2012. We are so excited about the upcoming trip. I know God has a plan as He always does. We trust Him to hand pic our group, bringing the perfect people together. We have experienced a congenial atmosphere for the entire tour in 2010 and 2011, and we expect nothing less for 2012.

As time goes by I will share with you special moments and what I like to refer to as 'small miracles', that have happened along the way to assure us of God's involvment in all we are doing.

One such little miracle was, in the spring of 2009, right before we went to Israel with our Pastors Randy and Stacy Harvey, Frank and I went to Florida to visit his mom, Ida. While we were there, Frank decided to call a couple of college buddies and maybe have lunch with them. Now, you have to know my husband to understand how unusual this was. I can only remember him doing something like that one other time in 36 yrs of marriage. I thought at the time, that it was strange.

He and his friends met for lunch and to Frank's surprise, both had come to know the Lord. One of them, Chuck, was the worship leader of his church and his wife, Bonnie, was the Pastor. I know, the reverse of what we are use to. In any case, they agreed to play golf the next day. Frank called from the golf course and said Chuck and his wife wanted us to come for dinner. We agreed and spent a very sweet evening with Chuck and his family and Frank's other friend and his wife. Dinner was incredible and the coversation was about church or the Lord and Israel.

Before we left, Bonnie went into the bedroom and brought out a book title "The Destiny of Islam in the Endtimes". We said our good-byes, took the book and went back to my mother-in-laws house.

I began reading this compelling book right away. It is written by Fiscal Mallick, and ex-Muslim, who is now a pastor in Canada. I won't go into the entire book, I suggest you purchase it on Amazon and read it. It is quite thought provoking. I cried throught the entire book, it is so sweet. His relationship with the Holy Spirit is an example of what it should be with all of us. His zeal for the lost, especially the Muslim community is convicting at best. But, the most fascinating thing he said is, that in his early walk with Christ he would have to hunt down Muslims to convert. Which he did daily and for years. But now, they come knocking at his door, and they all have the same story, "Jesus was in my room last night, what does He want with me"? Or, I had a dream about Jesus last night, what does He want with me?" It is always the same.

Muslim's believe that in this day and age, God speaks to man one of two ways, by a dream or a vision. They also know who Jesus is, in the sense that He lived, was born of a Virgin, and will come again. But He is not God, or the son of God. He is the Lord of Peace and the Lord of the third heaven, but not the Savior. So, when they have a vision or dream of Him, they know it is Him.

I was blown away with this part of the book.  I really didn't know what we were about to experience in Israel with Randy and Stacy. I knew we were ministering at Arab Churches, but it really had no real meaning to me. We were just excited to be going. After reading this book, I developed a burden for lost Muslim's. On the plane, I gave the book to Randy and said, read some of this, it might help give you some insight for your sermons. He did, and both he a Stacy were moved by what they read. It did help to shape His message and it was obvious that God had arranged the meeting in Florida with Frank's friends from college, so that we could recieve the book.

While we were in Israel, one of the Pastor's began to share on afternoon with us. He talked about coming to the Lord and his early ministry and then he said, "I have Arab's come to me and they say, they have had a dream or a vision of Jesus, what does it mean?" I could not believe my ears. He was confirming Fiscal Mallick's similar testimony.

Then, when we returned home, I was looking for somehting in a cabinet and came acroos some old teachings buy a Messianic Jew named Matthew Schwartz. They were casset tapes and hard to hear, but I struggled through and was quite blessed by them. I began to search out new teachings by him on the internet, but was unsuccessful. But I did come across a website, called the "Jesus Vision" authored by  him and another man whose name has escaped me. I began to read, and was astonished by what I was reading, it is filled with stories of Jesus appearing in a vision or a dream to Muslim's and Jews. These are first hand experiences by Matthew and his co-author, of people coming to them for answers. Why is Jesus appearing to me? Why did I dream of Jesus? What does He want with me? When the Gospel is shared with them, every time they recieve Jesus. This is happening all over the Middle East.

We are in a special day my friends. I don't know if the end time is close or not, but it is a time like no other, and I expect as the days go by, we will see more and more prophetic scriptures being fulfilled.

Don't put off seeing The Holy Land. If you have a burden to go, now is the time. We may have many years left to visit this exciting land on this side of the Rapture, but we may not! TODAY IS THE DAY! Don't miss your oportunity. The world is ever changing, and we don't know how long the door of opportunity will be open for going to Israel.

Go to our "Contact Us" page and fill out the information form. We will get back with you as soon as possible with details on how you can join our 2012 Tour To Israel. You are not making a commitment at this time.

We look forward to hearing from you, God Bless,

Sandra Young

June 2011 Tour

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Our tour last june was incredible. The first tour we took to Israel was June 2010. We took 30 people, including ourselves. They were a special group and Frank and I couldn't imagine, that the 2nd tour could be as wonderful as the 1st. But, we were so wrong. When God does a job, He does it  perfectly. Our tour last June  2011, was just as sweet, just as anointed, just as unbelievable as the first tour.

Our next tour is June 15th - 27th, 2012, and we know God's hand is upon this one together as well. We know God will bring only those who are suppose to go.

if you are feeling a tug toward Israel, don't put it off. Who knows how long we will have to get involved with what God is doing there. We want to bless Israel in everyway we can.

If you have a desire to go to Israel and don't have the finances, remember that you have a Father, who pockets are never empty. If it is your time to go, He can and will provide every dime, if you need Him too.

 We had a young 18 yr old who wanted to go with us this past June. She had no money, but believed she was suppose to go and trusted God to supply. She came up with the deposit and put the rest in God's hands. She recieved the entire amount through someone who heard she wanted to go. They provided all that she needed. He is so precious!

Years ago, I wanted to go on a mission trip, and had no money for it. I prayed and told God that I wanted to go and I would know it was His will if He provided every dime. He did, and I went. If it is your time, He won't let finances keep you from going. TRUST HIM!

We don't want finances to keep you from going either. Frank and I do everything in our power to provide a first class trip at the lowest possible cost. We do this as ministry, we take absolutely no money for ourselves. When you pay for your trip, every dime goes to the cost of the trip only. We believe that is what God is calling us to do. It is our pleasure to serve Him in this way and to bless Israel by taking you there.

I want to be clear. We are not making any political statements or choices by wanting to bless Israel. We are making a Godly choice. It is biblical to bless Israel. Frank and I go to Israel for the people, whether they be Jewish or Arab, or whatever. People are people and they ALL need Jesus.

We also participate in humanitarian efferts in Israel. We have been involved with medical missions for the underpriviledged, and we have supported financially, ministries that supply many different needs for the poor and needy.

We will continue to be involved in anyway we can, as the Lord leads.

We pray for all of you who find our website, that God will reveal Himself and His will to you, that He will lead you, and that He will shine His mercy upon you.

God Bless You All, have a great day!

Sandra Young