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When God Sweeps in Like Flood!

Posted by on April 19, 2021 at 11:10 AM

Frank and I are so very excited to be offering a Tour this year 2021. Last year was a year of sadness and loss for many. We offer our sincere condolences to those who lost loved ones to Covid 19. Because of Covid, we of course were unable to travel as was the entire world. This has been a time of unpresidented new experiences. Many will look back on Covid with heartbreak, others found a newness of relationship with God.

I determined to make lemonade out of lemons, and use this past year as a type of caccon with the Lord. I had so many free hours to dig into scripture and seek His face and His voice. I have not been disappointed with my decision. In fact in many ways God exceeded my expectation, of what so much free time with Him would bring. I grew more in relationship with Him in 2021, than in all the years I have walked with Him, having been saved since 1981.

I learned more about the Father, and had more gloriously intimate worship and prayer time with my Father than I have ever known before. My ability to hear His voice reached a level beyond what I would have dreamed it could be. His presence was so amazing, I became addicted to being with Him and found that living my normal life, even life with Covid, was an intereference, and hours would go by with Him, that seemed like minutes.

Yet there were times when I came under heavy attacks from the enemy, He loves to put condemnation of God's children for the fact that we sre not yet perfect in this world. He loves to cause us to revert back to a perfoemance based theology about our salvation, If you have ever dealt with that, you know how difficult it is to recieve a free salvation. I walked through attacks from the enemy, that threatend to take me down at times, not physically but emotionally. The enemy was working overtime to point out every shortcoming in my personality, my words, and my everyday living. He was so loud at times, I could not go to the Lord at all, because I felt so low as a child of God, so unwothy. After all these years, and so many wonderful moments with the Lord, that old familiar spirit, condemnation, still got to me at times.

But, God never left me. During the attacks, I continured to seek God, but some days, I just couldn't pray or even worship because I felt so unworthy to go before Him. So I would put on anuthing that would lift my spirit, and remind me who I am in Christ. A teaching or sermon, anyy encouraging word that would get me out of this oppression. He was faithful to work through all the sources I used to help me, and He would drive out the voice of the enemy at least for that day, and then I would be able to worship and love on the Lord.

One nitht, while I was feeling low and could not sleep, I decided to watch a movie, beause I could not go before the Lord. I wanted something sweet and beautiful, and I cam across Miss Potter with Renee Zelwigger.  It is the story of the beginning success she has with her children's stories. What a beautiful movie, sweet and tender, and the music was sooting to my soul.

As I was watching, a sudden presence of the Lord swept into the room uninvited, and overtokk me to the core, to the point of tears. It was an overwhelming presence of the Love of God. It poured over me like a healing balm, and I was undone. Sobbing I could not even talk. I just sobbed in the arms my Savior, Jesus.

After a few minutes, I got myself together, and returned to the movie. This was strange to me, I felt no pull from the Lord to not go back to the movie. I watched for another 15 or 20 minutes, and a again His sudden presence over took me. The very same overwhelming love poured over me and I was again undone, 4 times during the movie, the Lord by His own volition came to me full of love and acceptiance, and each time, I broke down sobbing, eventually composed myself and returned to the move.

I have no explaination as to why I returned to the movie, instead of picking up my Bible, or beginning to pray or worship, but I felt no leading to do other than what I did. I don't know if the movie had anything to do with what happened to me, there was a precious spirit about that movie, yet it had nothing to do with the Lord.

I know our Lord moves in ways we cannot undestand, but I will treasure the sudden entrance of my Savior, sweepimg into the room, to let me know, I was loved and cherrished. I will never forget it.

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