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Posted by on January 4, 2016 at 1:40 PM

Israel Tour 2015 

I am so happy to say that "God Always has His way with our tours. Every year we plan to take as many people as we can, but He sometimes has a plan that is higher than ours. A few years ago we only took 4 people. When we arrived in Israel and began touring, we quickly understood why it was such a small group, it was very personal and there was much time for personal ministry for certain people. Had we had the normal 20-35 people, that kind of personal touch would not have been possible.

   This past June, we had another smal group of 11. Wow! Of course, before we left for Israel, Frank and I were a little disappointed that the group was so small, but as usual, God had a plan. That trip was packed with  an unusual presence of God that we had not experienced before. Along with numerous attacks of the enemy sent to distract Frank and I, came some of the most memorable and special encounters with the Lord, for the whole group. God had a plan and we were smack in the middle of it.

   Because we have included some special additions to our tour, it opened the door for God to move in unusual ways, that a normal tour would not experience. One such expereince was when we visited a small 1st generation Arab Christian Church in a small village outside of Haifa. God was able to minister to the Pastor and his wife in a very special way, through one of the couples who joined our tour, along with the rest of the group. I love the  fact that God specifically sometimes zeros in on just one or two people, for a special touch, and uses our tour to do it.

   We feel so honored to be a part of God's plan. No matter how big or small it appears to us, it is always huge to Him. It brings me to repentance that I allow my earthly mind to think it has to be big according to my scale. His scale is one, and one, and one, etc. He leaves the many to seek out just one.

Thank you Father for your personal involvement in all our lives!! Amen!!!!!

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